Load-lifting magnets represent a rapid, safe and easy-to-handle load handling device in all instances where magnetisable material is to be raised.

There are 3 different types of magnet:

  • Permanent magnets
  • Electro-magnets
  • Electro-permanent magnets

Permanent Magnets (Manual Magnets)

Load handling devices with a permanent magnetic field. A mechanical system controls the magnetic field.


The magnetic field of an electro-magnet is generated from a flow of current.
This enables, on the one hand, an extremely high degree of automation to be obtained and, on the other, for non-accessible loads to be lifted. 

Electro-permanent Magnets

In an electro-permanent magnet system, the magnetic field is generated by a permanent magnet, the action of which is electrically controlled. A high degree of fail-safeness is achieved since no current flow is needed to maintain the magnetic field.

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