Turnover Spreader Beams

Time-saving – Simple - Safe

Turnover Spreader Beams

During production and when delivering it is is often necessary to turn over components and position them exactly. The larger the component to be turned over, the more time is needed is turn it using traditional load handling equipment. In addition, the danger area must be amply cordoned off when turning, considerable expertise is required and it is still far from easy not to damage the surface or the entire component.

MKF turnover spreader beams make it possible to turn over the heaviest loads in a time-saving, safe and easy manner. MKF turnover spreader beams can also be run automatically. When lifting, this involves automatically balancing the position of the suspension point to the centre of gravity of the workpiece by pressing an additional control button. For precise positioning and height correction when non-rotation symmetrical workpieces are turned, the centre of gravity position can be manually overridden and the turning over drives separately controlled.

If required, an MKF turnover spreader beam can be designed straight away for the application you have in mind and can deal with any turnover operation envisaged.


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